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About Banksoft

Banksoft has operations in providing software solutions through research and development activities and system integration services related with card payment systems. It also provides software maintenance, supply and maintenance support for special hardware, project management and consultancy services related with card payment systems.

Since its inception, Banksoft continuously improves its services with its growing professional team. Many banks in and outside Turkey choose Banksoft for their card-payment software needs.

Banksoft offers turn-key services for the software and hardware needs of the banks, and has completed important platform changes since its inception. While previously the payment systems were running on structures that were very complex and complicated to manage, today the so-called ‘open platforms’ are used and with much lower costs. Also the products are continuously enhanced with new features in line with the current conditions of the market.

Today the Banksoft software supports huge volumes processed by its clients with great success. There is no limit in performance or capacity. Thus high performance, high availability, quality and functionality become possible.

All around Turkey, approximately 25 million credit cards, 50 million debit cards, 1.1 million POS terminals and 12 thousand ATM terminals are managed with Banksoft’s applications. Thanks to its systems, a daily transaction volume of around 8 million is smoothly processed and completed.