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Contactless Chip Card Applications

The fastest and the easiest way to pay… 

At the present day, contactless chip cards have been used as both credit card and bank card because of  their fast, easy and secure feature. In order to use contactless cards on credit card and debit card  transactions, payWave  application has been developed by Visa as well as PayPass application has been developed by MasterCard. Banksoft is the one of the first companies that completed payWave and PayPass applications support and implementation.  Currently there are many banks inside and outside Turkey, gave payWave and PayPass cards to their customer with the support of Banksoft Credit Card Management System and Banksoft Pre-Personalization System (BPS).

In line with the progress in technology and emergence of chip cards which ensure data transmission through radio frequency, Banksoft launched projects for supporting transactions performed with new generation cards. Before EMV applications, the projects, which are performed for KGS integration in 2004, are realized as the first contactless application support. Contactless card technology is used in various projects like public transportation, campus, stadium, entry control application thereafter.

Furthermore, Banksoft’s programs support NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to provide all software needs that banks can issue NFC payment instrument.

Banksoft has made required development by bank as a part of BKM project. As well as required  backoffice development in NFC eco-system, the required infrastructure for OTA services may be provided by Banksoft.

TeliumPass Contactless Chip Card Reader

Banksoft POS Management System supports new Visa and MasterCard contactless chip card applications. With the integration of Sagem Monetel TeliumPass contactless card reader, for which general certifications are completed, to Sagem Monetel POS terminals, contactless card transactions could be supported in any type of card payment and in highways.

Basic Features:

  • International application support
    • MasterCard Paypass
    • Visa payWave, Prepaid
  • Special application support (Loyalty, factory automation application, production collection application, entry control application, public transportation application, stadium application, campus application etc.)
  • DDA and CDA support
  • Multi-Application support
  • Ability to work online and offline depending on the system requirement
  • RSA and Triple-DES certificate and key management
  • Advanced and parametric offline PIN management