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Card Application System

Collect and evaluate the demands coming from various channels 

Banksoft Card Application System (CAS) ensures collection and evaluation of applications coming from various channels. CAS, which has a parametric and modular infrastructure, integrates seamlessly with relevant programs or institutions, and enables the application flow to pass through required controls.

CAS is a user-friendly tool with its established parametrical definitions at every stage possible. Part of the parameters are taken from credit cards and banking main systems, and could be updated from relevant screens if required. Other parameters could be entered and updated from parameter screens special to the application transactions. These parameters could be diversified depending on the needs.  

Integrations of CAS module can be compiled under the following general headings:  

  • Banking
    • Customer / Account inquiry
    • Customer / Account generating 
  • Credit Cards
    • Customer / Account inquiry 
    •  Customer / Account generating
  • KKB
    • Online inquiry
    • Automatic decision making
  • LKS
    • Online limit inquiry
    • Online limit allocation
  • Finance
    • Tax ID inquiry
  • TCMB
    • Bounced check control
    • Control of problematic individual loans
    • Control of protested bonds
    • Control of those with court prohibition
    • Black list control 
  • Scoring

Basic Features  

  • Established on a parametric infrastructure
  • Automatic flow at every possible point
  • Possibility to make monitoring and updating at almost every point of the flow 
  • User Authorization 
  • Working integrally with various systems 
  • Wide scoped customer information 
  • Transfer of applications to the system from different channels 
  • Online card embossing generation for approved applicants 
  • Workflow differences depending on the application channel 
  • Application entry and card emboss at the moment of demand at the branch or shop 
  • Integration with IVR