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POS Management System

Fast, secure and functional multi-vendor POS solutions…

Banksoft POS Management System enables the institutions to provide multi-functional and flexible systems for merchant POS networks. In addition to the detailed debit and credit card transactions, plenty of functions are supported like private labeled, co-branded card applications, bill payment possibilities, cell phone prepaid minute sales, access control system integrations, etc…

The system is built on top of a well-defined, parametric, configurable and scalable architecture. The process flow of the transactions and the slip formats are defined parametrically in the system. Besides, it is possible to remotely install applications to POS terminals centrally in a secure way.

Banksoft POS Management System has a very robust architecture with built-in recovery mechanism. The system operates with “single message” system principle at high speed and volume.


  • Centralized and Flexible Menu, Slip and Process Flow Addition
  • Configurable EMV Contact and Contactless Acquiring System Management
  • Template Based Parameter Management
  • Remote POS Terminal File and Software Downloading
  • Dynamic Transaction (Merchant/Cardholder) and End Of Day Slip Messages
  • Detailed Network Availability and Transaction Success Monitoring
  • Online Reporting for All Aspects of the Entire POS System

System and Transaction Security

  • RSA Key Management
  • Dynamic PIN Generation Over Hardware Security Box
  • Full Message Encoding
  • Message and Terminal Authentication System
  • Fraud Detection System Integration
  • Dynamic EMV/Hybrid Stop List Management  

System Support

  • Multi-Vendor Support
  • Multi-Protocol Support (Dial-Up, Ethernet, ADSL, GSM, GPRS, Wi-Fi)
  • Scalable POS Server Architecture
  • Unattended POS Terminals for Kiosk, Vending Machine and Validator Integrations
  • Multi-Currency Transactions 
  • Interactive Loyalty Applications
  • Customized Solutions for Non-Financial Institutions
  • Inter-Institutional POS Sharing

Dial-Up Network Solutions

  • Synchronous / Asynchronous POS Network Support
  • Analog and PRI Pos Network Solution
  • Simultaneous Modem Protocol Support Over the Same Base Modem Number
  • Remote Device Configuration and Firmware Management
  • POS Network Monitoring Interfaces