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EMV Issuer Script Management System

Remote control of EMV cards…

Banksoft EMV Issuer Script Management System (ISS) is an important support system that controls the processes of sending issuer script to cards of the bank, which contain EMV application. ISS also generates any type of issuer script command depending on the defined rules and requests of the bank.

Banksoft EMV Issuer Script Management System evaluates requests coming from various channels within the frame of certain rules and priorities, and then determines the issuer script commands required to be sent. When online EMV transaction is realized, ISS operates jointly with the authorization system, generates issuer script in line with the requests pending for that card, and ensures sending of the card in its reply message.

Basic Features  

  • Online operation with all institutions including EMV card issuer and EMV terminal system
  • Assessing issuer script requests from online bank channels (IVR, Call Center) and Banksoft ISS operator screen, or batch request files, and sending them to the card at the first transaction
  • Sending command in the transaction reply for PIN management demands coming from ATM and POS or for messages which the card management system instantaneously requests script 
  • Determining some situations where the issuer script is required to be sent by the Banksoft ISS system itself, and sending script accordingly 
  • Working parallel with Banksoft EMV Analysis System 
  • Various operating options enabling flexibility
    • Issuer script sending parameters (send count, script validity period, resending for the unsuccessful script, sending only from the own terminals of the bank etc.)
    • Selecting issuer script according to card statutes and response codes
    • Working according to script request sources and command priorities
    • Single or multiple script sending
  • Comprehensive reporting features
  • Integration with various bank channels