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ATM Campaign Management System

Manage various campaigns over ATMs

Banksoft ATM Campaign Management System is designed to define client-specific bank campaigns, to initiate such campaigns for clients over ATMs, and to perform product promotion and sales to non-clients over ATMs.
The system allows banks to:
  • Promote banking products to active ATM users to benefit from sales opportunities
  • Promote their banks to non-client ATM users to exploit sales opportunities
  • Increase sales for campaign products
  • Gain new clients, cardholders
  • Reduce branch workloads
ATM campaign screens are divided into three categories:

1.      Informative campaigns: These campaignsare displayed with a “continue” button. When client presses the “continue” button, the main menu is displayed. (Example: “You can pay your phone bill on our Bank’s ATMs !”)

2.      Consented campaigns: These screens inform the client of the initiative, and direct them to campaign sources upon consent. (Example: “Would you like to increase your spending limit?”)

3.      Input-requiring campaigns: These screens require input from the client and direct such input to campaign sources. (Example: “Your mobile phone number could not be found. Update now?”)

ATM Campaign Management System Components
Screens and flows customized to bank requirements
Parameter entries:
  • Type of campaign
  • Campaign-screen associations
  • Information to be displayed on ATM screens
  • Campaign validity periods
  • Campaign specifics for not-on-us clients
  • Banking integration
Sample Transactions with the ATM Campaign Management System 
  • Credit card application (card sales)
  • Mobile number updates
  • Internet or IVR PIN request
  • Card limit increase
  • Overdraft limit increase
  • Insurance sales
  • Announcements