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Intelligent Fraud Detection System

No risky transactions with the Fraud Monitoring and Prevention System!

Banksoft Fraud Detection System is designed to utilize proactive methods to detect possible fraudulent transactions in card payment systems, and to take precautions and actions against these.
The possible performance of any new scenario can be calculated on a scenario simulator that uses data from past actions, and once the new scenario is optimized, it can be transported to online scenario batches. The in-depth analysis of suspicious transactions helps determine future component and scenario scores.
Functional Features
  • Rule-based structure
  • Wide component set
  • Dynamic scenarios to enable real-time authorization intervention
  • Score infrastructure to grade suspicious activities
  • Action differentiation according to risk levels
  • In-depth analysis of chip data
  • Chip-specific actions
  • Early warning system
  • Easy-to-use screens
  • Compliance with VISA and MasterCard certifications
  • Online and multi-tasking operation
  • Compliant with Code Page 857 standards
  • Single sign-on
  • Maker-checker
  • Integration with ActiveDirectory for ID verification
  • Built-in language support
  • User action logs
  • Data consistency program controls
Tracked Transactions
  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards
  • POS/virtual POS
  • ATM
  • Other authorization sources (branch, call center, online banking, batch mail order clearance, etc.)
Types of Scenarios
  • Single transaction scenarios
  • Periodical scenarios
  • Recurring transaction scenarios
  • Trade transaction scenarios
  • Batch scenarios
  • Performance scenarios
System Parameters
  • Scenario type-component association definition
  • Component-based score definition
  • Scenario-based additional score definition
  • Component-based user authorization
  • Scenario-user association definition
  • Action-based user authorization
  • Menu authorization
Screen Management
  • Scenario prioritization
  • Scenario coloring
  • Scenario - script association
  • Scenario - action association (automated action-taking)
  • User-based component authorization
  • User-based action authorization
  • User-based scenario tracking authorization
  • Response code: denial, referral
  • Two-way texting
  • Text / email sending (client/bank associate)
  • Issuer Script creation
  • Card suspension
  • Terminal suspension
  • Memo issuance
  • BUL notification
  • Chargeback
  • Reversal
  • Representment
  • Fraud notification
  • Action reports
  • User log reports
  • Performance reports (scenario- and user-based)
  • Action redirection reports
  • Fraud performance report
  • Interbank Card Center (BKM) reporting
  • Graphic analyses
Text Message Content
“Have you made a purchase of [AMOUNT] at [MERCHANT] on [DATE] by a card issued by [BANK]? If so, no action is required. If not, please call [CALL CENTER] immediately to suspend your card against fraudulent transactions.”
You have made a purchase of [AMOUNT] on [DATE] at [MERCHANT] with your card numbered [NUMBER].
Your card numbered [NUMBER] has been charged [AMOUNT] on [DATE]. If you have not made this transaction, please call [CALL CENTER] immediately.