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Prepaid Card Management System

Load as much as you wish, spend as much as you load!

Prepaid card is the plastic equivalent of cash in the wallet. Banksoft Prepaid Card Management System provides parametric management of the transfer of the money the client has set aside for spending to the card. The system offers prepaid card use with EMV standards. The account of the cardholder is securely monitored on the card and on the host separately. Through the use of EMV standards, the balance on the card may be used offline and contactless. Banksoft Prepaid Card Management System supports a wide variety of product programs and opens for new applications to load. This function provides to offer private, competitive, innovative products to customer according to usage area of card.
Wide Variety of Products
  • Fan Cards
  • Gift Cards
  • Youth Cards
  • Public Transport Cards
  • Campus Cards
  • Business Cards
  • Store Cards
  • Club Cards
  • Salary Cards
  • Social Aid Cards
Chip-Card Use
  • EMV application: Standard EMV prepaid scheme
  • Other applications: Depending on card support, other contact and contactless applications may be defined to the card (toll passes, public transport, campus)
  • Embossed credit card characters
  • Thermal debit card characters 
  • Balance on card: Offline transactions within the balance are allowed as long as the terminal offline transaction limit is not exceeded.
  • Balance on the Prepaid Card Management System: The amount to be transferred to the card is stored on the system and transferred to the card as required. As money management will change depending on type of transfer, balances may be kept in separate items based on transfer types.
  • Balance on current account
Types of Transfer
  • Cash
  • From credit card
  • From current account
  • Automated transfers
  • Contactless offline transactions
  • Contact online transactions
  • Transactions without card
  • Automatic top-up order using the drawing account or the credit card
  • Loading via ATM and POS channels
  • Count/Amount top-up restricts in daily, monthly, yearly basis
  • Restricting  of card balance
  • Restricting  usage area of card parametric
  • Transfer among accounts
  • No name prepaid card
  • Integration with current account
  • Integration with accounting and business systems
  • Integration with third-party systems for special applications