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EMV Transaction Analysis System

Analyze any type of chip card transaction… 

Banksoft EMV Analysis System is an important support system integrated online with authorization systems and terminals. The system benefits the institutions in analyzing the problems encountered during EMV chip card transactions, in determining the corrective action taken and in generating reports.

In real world, financial institutions may experience problems in practicing the security features of EMV standards, problems due to misconduct of EMV parameters, and exceptions in cards and terminals which do not comply with EMV standards. Banksoft EMV Analysis System enables determining the address of all these problems, warns all relevant units and helps taking action.

Basic Features

  • Automatic detection of risky EMV transactions according to institution’s risk policy in addition to domestic and international standards, and taking corrective actions
  • Definition of all EMV fields as parametric component down to every small detailed subfields
  • In addition to transaction based single scenarios, ability to define interval based scenarios, which could operate on the basis of general total, consecutive total and rate.
  • Definition of actions to be taken for cases encountered in EMV transactions
  • Keeping EMV history of all cards and terminals in the system, reporting and examining performances when required
  • Support for various action types: various SMS support for member businesses and customers, and sending e-mail, phone calling, changing transaction response etc. 
  • Definition, monitoring of any type of PIN process where EMV cards may be used, and opportunity for actual PIN status reporting
  • Online integration with EMV card holder or EMV terminal owner institution
  • Integration with various bank channels
  • Being open to development according to bank requirements