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Chargeback Document Management System

Fast and easy document sharing with Banksoft CDMS

CDMS is a web based document management system compliant with BKM rules and domestic standards. It covers the inter-bank document sharing requirements for dispute transactions. It ensures secure sharing of documents demanded for dispute transactions of domestic banks (chargeback, retrieval request etc.) over the internet.

This system enables sharing of multiple documents with different file types. It replaces paper, mail and fax documents and ensures easy and convenient dispute resolution by handling all documents through internet in a fast, secure and reliable way.

Basic Features

  • Supporting all BKM acquirer and issuer transaction types (Retrieval request, confirmation, chargeback, re-presentment, arbitration chargeback)
  • Secure document sharing over internet for domestic banks (all documents required for retrieval request, chargeback, re-presentment)
  • Taking any type of action at the end of dispute process (Arbitration, Compliance and Case- Filing transactions)
  • Communication of the reply of BKM Committee in transactions under BKM Arbitration
  • Automatic monitoring of dispute periods
  • Detailed reporting options