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E-Journal Management System

ATM journals under electronic surveillance!

Banksoft Electronic Journal Management System is designed to offload the electronic journal files kept in ATMs onto data center systems in bank headquarters, providing software reporting capability and the ability to monitor journal outputs electronically. The system enables users to monitor ATM transactions in full detail without requiring the physical journal paper loaded into ATMs.
Top Reasons to Choose Banksoft Electronic Journal Management System
By transferring ATM transaction information stored on paper journals to a software environment, the system reduces operating costs and provides a way to make electronic archives of ATM journals – an archival requirement of banks.
The use of an e-journal infrastructure enables the recording of ATM transactions on paper and e-journal files, or only on e-journal files, removing the need for accessing printed journal data. Central access to journal records minimizes the time required to access this information when needed, streamlining operational processes. The software environment is capable of keeping archives for a minimum of ten years.
Banksoft Electronic Journal Management System allows journal data reporting based on clearance levels determined centrally. Officers of individual branches may be given the clearance to access only those ATM journal records generated at their own branches.
  • Parametric infrastructure
  • Ease of management
  • ATM-based scenarios
  • Automated offloading of e-journal files without manual input
  • Archival and long-term storage of e-journal records
  • Access of authorized personnel to journal records based on clearance leels
  • Output of selected transactions in journal format
  • Full compliance with international security regulations
  • Access for every branch to their own ATM records
  • Ability to generate various reports based on journal records
  • Faster ATM reconciliation via reports
  • Lower operating costs
  • Time efficiency
Advantages to Banks
Banksoft Electronic Journal Management System greatly reduces the workload on branch users and central users, facilitating operational processes. 
Banksoft Electronic Journal Management System also provides significant operating cost reductions, offering a cost advantage to banks.