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Switch Simulator

Fastness and accuracy in inter-bank online messaging

Banksoft ISO 8583 Switch Simulator is designed in order to provide means for fast and efficient online messaging between the domestic institutions and the banks. In this manner, it is possible to overcome problems such as; connection problems of test systems for testing the changes of messaging standards, allocation problems of resources for performing test at both sides, mutual synchronization problems, and financial charge of tests to-be performed.

ISO 8583 Switch Simulator, which can easily simulate any type of messaging including the chip messages, ensures the banks to perform fast and secure testing and obtain the results instantaneously without sharing with anyone. With unlimited test possibilities, it enables the opportunity to make preventive intervention to any problem to arise during certification and live process. Having stand-alone operating feature, it can be used efficiently for such secondary purposes such as performing serial tests and creating resource for clearing tests.

Basic Features

  • Switch Systems supported
    • BKM Network (It can simulate the VISA and MasterCard Networks for banks which have their international connection over BKM)
    • Domestic networks in other ISO 8583 standard 
    • Internal bank modules at ISO 8583 standard
  • Operates with a software which works on BKM standards as default and is updated according to changes in BKM standards 
  • Possibility to perform ASCII-EBCDIC, Packed-Unpacked messaging 
  • Creates message at any type of card and terminal combination. Easily creates reversal, reversal repeat and authorization, and advice form messages.
  • Good reference and training tool for online messaging standards and chip standards
  • Detailed reports of transactions performed.