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Highway Contactles Payment System

Safe contactless solutions in highway gateways

Banksoft KGS Management System is a Banksoft product for issuing cash and credit contactless mifare chip cards, which are used in the gateways on the bridges and express highways. The system also manages gateway information and prepaid card loading process.

KGS Management System automatically performs the steps of processing files coming from Public Highways and creating responds.

KGS Management System ensures monitoring in detail of all transactions of the card with easy-to-use screens, and advanced reports.

KGS Management System is a product, which operates integrally with Banksoft Card Management Systems. It decreases the operation time with this feature.

KGS Management System allows card selling, balance loading, balance displaying, information updating at the branches with the mifare readers.

Basic Features  

  • Support for several institutions
  • Management of prepaid and credited KGS cards 
  • Online file exchange and file processing with General Directorate of Highways 
  • Online processing of prepaid cash deposit coming from hand terminals
  • Control of all required security codes
  • Reporting module providing detailed information
  • Advanced logging module 
  • Transferring KGS credit card transactions automatically to the card statement 
  • Mifare and EMV cards under a single personalization 
  • Easy integration to version changes made by General Directorate of Highways, and supporting several versions simultaneously