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Clearing and Settlement Management System

Easy Management of Clearing and Settlement Operations  

On-time and accurate processing of high-volume incoming and outgoing information in a multiprocessing environment is very critical in terms of reducing the operational costs to the banks.

Banksoft offers a secure, reliable and user-friendly clearing system compliant to international standards of BKM, VISA and MASTERCARD. The clearing system includes an integrated dispute management and fraud notification module for BKM, VISA and MASTERCARD.

Aging and warning mechanism of the dispute system facilitates management and resolution of disputed transactions. Automated exhibit and cardholder letters reduce the work load of customer services in the back-office.

All migration processes were strictly followed up throughout the MasterCard IPM migration. IPM and GCMS migration processes of our clients were completed flawlessly.

Basic Features 

  • Supported clearing systems
    • BKM / YTHS for transactions performed with cards of domestic banks
    • VISA / BASE II for transactions performed abroad with cards of VISA member banks
    • MASTERCARD / ECCF, IPM for transactions performed abroad with cards of MASTERCARD member banks
  • Visa SMS support
  • In addition to message cycle, automatic follow up of full clearing life-cycle with internal cardholder database
  • EMV acquiring and issuing support for VISA, MASTERCARD, BKM
  • Easy-to-use interface for preparing claims, reversals and re-presentment
  • Analysis of BIN and bank based incoming – outgoing clearing information
  • Automatic preparation of outgoing records
  • One-step preparation of “Fraud” notifications to VISA/BKM, and “SAFE” messages to MASTERCARD.
  • “Addendum” message support for MASTERCARD clearing system
  • Reconciliation of incoming and outgoing clearing records
  • Integration of clearing with the accounting system
  • Ability to create automatic accounting over VSS reports in VISA clearing
  • Ability to create automatic accounting over Reconciliation records in MASTERCARD clearing
  • Automatic matching of presentments, chargebacks and re-presentments.  
  • Detailed and wise control of incoming clearing records
  • Possibility to report incoming and outgoing transaction information with different criteria  
  • Possibility to automatically monitor the dispute time-frames
  • Dispute management