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Merchant Application System

Complete solution for evaluating merchant applications


Banksoft Merchant Application System (MAS) is designed for the automation of the entire operational process of merchant applications from sales channels to field services tracking. Applications are automatically evaluated according to credit and security policies and when it is required applications are delegated to the relevant division and authority.


Banksoft MAS accepts application input from branches and various channels, and can be customized for batch input via a file process. Online integrations with the Banking System and Identity Sharing System ensure fast and effective data input, and allow the tracking of the most current information. Integration with the Credit Records Bureau and the Central Bank are supported at various levels depending on the risk policies of banks. Banksoft MAS not only automates necessary controls from the security and risk point of view but also facilitates merchant information generation in other systems by integrating with these systems such as field operations as well. These integrations can be performed for commercial merchant or for the real individual who constitutes the commercial merchant, as needed.


Whenever user input is required, all records created at the time of application are distributed to user workloads in accordance with the flowchart and authority levels, and all changes made in the system can be tracked in detail. Pricing information for the application is evaluated in accordance with the pricing policies of the bank and directed to the relevant approval stages. Screens are designed to facilitate workload and work delegation tracking among system users. In-depth reporting is available for all applications processed through the system.


The automation brought by Banksoft MAS ensures that the evaluation process, formerly tracked via dispersed systems, taking several days, is completed within minutes.


Automated Processes

  • Application information recording
  • Rejection/previous application checks
  • Current client control
  • Current merchant control
  • Central Bank of Turkey controls
  • ICC Blacklist controls
  • Client creation
  • Credit Records Bureau controls
  • Bank pricing policy controls
  • Scoring system assessment
  • Allocation
  • Approval

Merchant Definitions Tracked on the System

  • Merchant Definitions
    • Address information
    • Authorized personnel information
    • Chain store definitions (points/installment plans)
    • Working conditions (commissions/blockage plans)
    • Banking account information
  • Terminal Definitions
    • Terminal types (POS, Web POS, etc.)
    • Communication protocols
    • Transaction permissions          

Other Operational Features

  • Parametric process decisions
  • Creation of multiple merchants/terminals at one application
  • Authorization and delegation tracking
  • Single sign-on structure
  • Parametric pricing policies
  • Automated logging of user logon and update actions
  • In-depth online tracking
  • Performance reports