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ATM Management System

Speed and reliability in ATM management


Banksoft ATM Management System offers uninterrupted, fast and reliable link with all banking systems to actively promote client satisfaction. Banksoft ATM Management System can be associated with an unlimited number of terminals in theory.

The flexible solutions provided by the Banksoft ATM Management System enables Visa, Mastercard and private label cards to complete a variety of banking transactions on ATMs managed by the system.

ATMs Supported
  • NCR
  • Wincor Nixdorf
  • Diebold
  • Other brands
  • ATM sharing with domestic and foreign banks
  • In-depth and online tracking of ATM line and unit statuses
  • Notification of ATM unit, line and system statuses to authorized personnel via text, email and other messaging media
  • Online monitoring of system peripheral statuses
  • Configuration transfer and version tracking by the center
  • File distribution from the center to ATMs and uploading ATM files to the center
  • Day-end transactions and ATM cash monitoring from the center
  • A wide variety of tracking and reporting options
  • End-to-end PIN security with HSM
  • Remote Key Loading: Transfer of keys from the center to ATMs without physical key input on individual ATMs
  •  ATM Message Encryption for end-to-end ATM security
  • E-Journal Management for offloading e-journal files on ATMs to the bank data center
  • Foreign currency transactions on ATMs (ATM Exchange Office)
  • High-performance solutions for Windows platforms (multitasking servers for NDC, NDC+, Aptra Advance NDC, IBM 912 and XFS-based special messages)
  • Support for NCR, Wincor Nixdorf, Diebold, Bull and other brands of ATMs
  • Support for leading ATM communication protocols (X25, TCP/IP, TTY, SNA, Wireless)
  • Web-based branch application integration
  • ATM EMV Card Acquiring function
  • Integration with various banking systems (Windows, Unix, Mainframe)
Advantages to Banks
Banksoft ATM Management System is designed to establish fast, reliable and uninterrupted links with all banking systems. A theoretically unlimited number of ATMs of all brands can operate within the Banksoft ATM Management System.
Banksoft ATM Management System complies with banks, the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK) and PCI regulations.