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All-in-One Card Management System

Debit Credit all in one, just “All-in-One” 


All-in-One is a new chip card solution that provides a proper chip card to function as both a credit and a debit card, making life easier. 


SimplyOne is a multi-application platform developed by Visa that leverages the capability of EMV chip and PIN terminals to support multiple applications on a chip card. Banksoft's All-in-One Card solution supports Visa's SimplyOne cards. Using SimplyOne cards, cardholders no longer need to carry both cards, and may elect to use either the credit or debit card functionalities. All banking transactions can be completed with a single card. The cardholder may use credit card or debit card functionality by selecting on ATM and POS terminals at every use. Either credit or debit functionality may be designated as the primary function, and terminals that do not permit credit/debit selection will use the card in its primary function. 


Credit and debit card functions employ EMV standards in the SimplyOne product. As the system merges two cards in one, credit and debit cards work as a synchronized unit in ADC, backoffice, loss/theft and issuer script cases. The PIN is the same for credit and debit functions. Regardless of the card number with which the cardholder defines the PIN, the same PIN applies to both applications. If the card is reported lost or stolen, the card is blocked from further action at the first transaction after such report, regardless of whether a credit or a debit transaction. 


Security Standards


  • VISA EMV debit card application
  • VISA EMV credit card application

 Structural Properties


  • Appearance of “Credit\Debit” or “Debit\Credit” designation on the card depending on priority
  • Appearance of both card numbers (primary number on front, secondary number on reverse)
  • Appearance of both CVV2 numbers
  • Only the primary application data appears within the track data
  • Single expiry date
  • Single PIN



  • Multi-Application support
  • Contact and contactless application support
  • Ability to designate primary function according to bank strategy or client preference
  • Ability to choose application at POS and ATM EMV terminals during use
  • Primary application runs on terminals that do not allow a choice of applications
  • Debit and credit functions work in synchronized like a single card