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Field Service Tracking System

A fast and accurate way to monitor POS field services


Banksoft POS Field Service Tracking System ensures fast and accurate tracking of requests. Requests are forwarded digitally by the bank system to field service companies. The system provides real-time access to request statuses and terminal tracking information. Possible errors by field service companies during workflow are automatically detected and reported, providing real-time notifications to companies.




  • Bank and Field Service Company Inventory Tracking

Inventory reported by different channels within the bank and by different field service companies are tracked quickly and accurately. 


  • Request Tracking and Managements

Request tickets are automatically generated in the background over rules determined by banks, and are submitted to the relevant contacts. All requests can be tracked for their statuses. 


  • Support for Various Channels

Requests may be entered through different channels such as merchant-POS management, call center, marketing and branches.  Statuses of requests received through these channels are appropriately tracked. 


  • Batch Request Management

A batch request ticket may be opened for requests from multiple terminals with different contents to ensure ease of use and rapid response. 


  • Inventory Tracking

Terminal inventory is kept on the bank’s system and all terminal movements throughout its use are tracked by the system. 


  • SMS Notification

The merchant is notified via an SMS message before visiting, prior to service personnel visit to ensure the right people are contacted at the right location. 


  • SLA Reporting and Parameter Management

Reports are issued to compare levels of service provided by field operators are appropriate to the SLAs between the parties. SLA parameter management screens are used to ensure reports are up to date. 

System has additional controls to calculate  SLA time based on declared by field service company.


  • Performance Assessment and Accuracy Checks

Result reports issued by the company are checked for congruence with inventory levels and statuses to ensure such reports are accurate. Upon the detection of any errors, the company is sent an automated notification describing the discrepancy, directing the company to take measures. Error tracking screens allow real-time request tracking. 


  • Automated Maintenance Result File Processing

Maintenance activities performed by service providers are automatically entered to log files kept by banks. 

Status or terminals are automatically  updated in order to maintenance result file.