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Remote Key Management System

Next-Generation Key Management: Less Hassle, Less Cost


Banksoft ATM Remote Key Management System removes the need to enter keys via the ATM and enables the input of a Terminal Master Key (TMK) to the ATM from a central location. The management of ATM keys may be performed from the bank headquarters with no additional workload. 


ATMs Supported 


  • NCR
  • Wincor Nixdorf
  • Diebold
  • Other brands

Reasons to Choose the Banksoft ATM Remote Key Management System


Banksoft ATM Remote Key Management System utilizes HSM (Host Security Module) to generate and input key values, which ensures that the key generated by the HSM is not known to any ATM operator. This also removes the need for an ATM operator to physically enter key values over an ATM. Centrally managed authorization levels mean key information may only be updated by authorized users.  




  • Brand-independent ATM support
  • Full compliance with international security regulations
  • Parametric infrastructure
  • Operational gains
  • Time gains
  • Ease of management

Advantages to Banks


Banksoft ATM Remote Key Management System operates on all ATMs independent of brand and model. While the current methods for generation, storage, transmission and input of key values require long processes from an operational point of view, Banksoft ATM Remote Key Management System offers a secure way to reduce operational costs and still comply with security requirements.   


The system provides maximum security as it generates key values through integration with HSM, and is a great advantage when it comes to bank audits.   


Banksoft ATM Remote Key Management System is compliant with banks' rules and Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK) and PCI regulations.