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Card and Merchant Campaign Management System

Mount the most flexible card and merchant campaigns

Banksoft Campaign Management System is designed to offer RFM-based campaign structure to card payment systems. Product, program and benefit alternatives for various client profiles may be offered in real-time and based on client performance. The Banksoft Campaign System defines a multitude of award dynamics varying by the spending frequency and monetary of the client based on industry, outlet and merchant, and can differentiate award pools on an industry, outlet and merchant level.
In addition to online loyalty campaigns tied to spending habits, the system supports other campaign structures that allow for designs to create continuity in customer relations. This provides incentives to new and existing inactive customers for loyalty to the product and program in question. The target of such campaigns may be a fixed group of clients defined by the bank, or a segment that is defined dynamically based on a variety of criteria.
Banksoft Campaign Management System is integrated with all card payment subsystems and is designed to create campaign efficiency and impact online using these systems. It is possible to subscribe campaigns via all alternative distribution channels, issue text/email notifications regarding the campaigns subscribed by the client, and generate campaign-specific credit card slip messages.
Target-based campaigns allow turnover tracking, statement tracking and automated order tracking while benefit/cost analyses are prepared for all campaigns. Structures that allow for retrieval of awards paid out by the campaign based on target or usage tracking are supported.
Banksoft Campaign Management System includes not-on-us transactions into campaigns, and moreover these transactions is not just tracked the counters but also can be awarded. These allow skipping of not-on-us transactions and splitting the payments of not-on-us transactions into installments, as well as gain bonuses and discounts.
Awards Supported in Campaign Management System
  • Points
    • Multiple Points
    • Pro Rata Points
    • Fixed Points
    • Random Points
  • Valuable Point Redemption
  • Extra Installments
    • Extra Installments by Merchant
    • Extra Installments by Bank
  • Shifting
    • Shifting by Merchant
    • Shifting by Bank
  • Discounts
    • Discounts by Merchant
    • Discounts by Bank
  • Cash Injection
  • Counter (for drawings)
  • Gift Checks
  • Card Fee Discount
  • Card Fee Waiver
  • Card Fee Deferral
  • Consumer Loan
  • Immediately redeemable non-cash awards (e-vouchers)
Awarding Types
  • Mass Campaigns
  • Earn Once
  • Multiple Earning (up to 3 different targets and awards)
  • Repeated Target Earning
  • Continuous Earning
Campaigns
  • Unconditional Instant Earning
  • Conditional Instant Earning
  • Conditional Delayed Earning (when campaign condition is met)
RFM-Based Campaign Counter Management
  • Tracking Number of Spending for Specific Product
  • Shopping Amount Tracking
  • Visit Frequency Tracking
Campaign Timing Management
  • Specific Dates (Period)
  • Specific Number of Days
  • Periods between Hours-Minutes (Hours-Minutes Interval)
  • Days of Week
  • Days of Month
  • Date of Birth
  • Month of Birth
  • n Days before/after Birthday
POS Application
  • Interactive, pre-authorization use of incentive awards via POS
  • Consolidate and use different awards in one transaction
  • Earn various awards in one transaction
  • Itemized listing of award pools on credit card slips
  • Generating slips with dynamically defined awarding and warning messages
Operational Features
  • Defining simultaneity rules for campaigns (allowed/not allowed)
  • Parametric award dynamics
    • Earning total awards
    • Earning maximum awards
  • Prioritization of overlapping campaigns
  • Parametric counter management
    • Once per day
    • Once per day per merchant
  • Automated logging of user inserts and updates
  • Client campaign profile monitoring
  • Real-time text message structure
    •  Upon earning awards
    •  Approaching target (defined parametrically)
  • Limiting number of awards and awards amounts per campaign or campaign group
  • Get Back of points not redeemed by a specific date
  • Detailed Online Reports