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Payment Gateway System

Fast and secure way of internet payment transactions

Banksoft Payment Gateway System integrates the internet payment transactions coming from merchant sites with authorization systems, enabling e-commerce transactions be made compliant with international card payment system standards.
In addition to the standard ISO 8583 protocol, Banksoft Payment Gateway System can support propriety message structures utilized by different virtual POS solutions. Payment Gateway not only directs the transaction to authorization systems, but supports basic merchant functions such as managing terminal-based transaction permissions, supporting authorization and capture message flows, and terminal-based batch settlement flows. Payment Gateway operates on the 3DSecure structure developed for e-commerce transactions supporting AAV/CAVV and UCAF instructions. The application has multi-currency acquiring support also.
Banksoft Payment Gateway System provides detailed transaction reports as well as the web service integrations required for reporting such transactions over virtual merchant systems.
Settled transactions are included in the end of day flow, which enables these to be transferred to merchant accounts and collectively directed to the related issuer system (on-us/not-on-us).
Transactions Supported
  • Standard e-commerce transactions
    • Sales
    • Refunds
    • Pre-authorization
    • Capture
    • Repeating messages
  • Point and installment schemes
    • Point query
    • Point redemption
    • Sales by installments
    • Refund for sales by installments
    • Sales by installments and point redemption 
  • Farmer card functions
    • Repayment plan query
    • Sales by farmer card
  • Settlement functions
    • Batch closing/settlement
    • Batch upload 
*Supports reversal of all financial transactions.