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Supply Chain Card Management System

Different payment options, dual crediting structure and multiple limit management

Banksoft Supply Chain Card Management System allows card-based tracking of checks, bonds, letters of credit and other payment instruments in supply chains of various industries. The Supply Chain Card Management System is integrated to the Banksoft Credit Card Management System, and allows the simultaneous operation of credit cards and supply chain cards on the same card.
Banksoft Supply Chain Card Management System provides a more convenient and secure way for sales and collections by companies, and may incorporate two discrete credit limits on the same card, for regular credit card and supply chain card uses. The supply chain card may have a general or company-specific limit. In other words, it is possible to manage an infinite number of discrete limits on the same card.
Merchant applications allow the input of customized amounts and payment dates, or an automatic calculation of repayment terms by a template on the system. Different statements may be generated for each limit on the card, and different statement dates, interest rates and fees may be applied. In addition to POS transactions, ATMs, call centers and online banking applications support sets of transactions that are specific to supply chain cards.
Mode of Operation
  • Closed-Circuit Applications
  • Hybrid Card Applications
    • Regular Credit Card and Regular Supply Chain Card
    • Regular Credit Card and Company-Specific Supply Chain Card
    • Regular Supply Chain Card and Company-Specific Supply Chain Card
    •  ... 
Key Features
  • Regular Credit Card
  • Merchant-Specific Transactions
    • Flexible Installments
    • Fixed Installments
    • Forward Transactions 
Discrete Limits on One Card
  • Supply Chain Card Limit
  • Regular Commercial Limit
  • Company-Specific Limit 1
  • Company-Specific Limit n 
Debiting with Bank Guarantee
  • All limit allocated to the card is given by the bank.
  • The bank guarantees the collection of transactions to the merchant.
  • A Regular Commercial Limit valid across the entire Supply Chain Card Network is allocated.
Debiting with Company Guarantee
  • In addition to limit allocated by the Bank, a second limit allocated and guaranteed by the company may be extended.
  • Transactions by the cardholder are debited from the bank limit first, and then from the company limit if bank limit is inadequate.
  • If cardholder transactions are debited to the company limit, the transaction is credited to the merchant when the cardholder makes the payment.
  • A private limit, valid only at a single merchant, may be allocated.
  • A cash advance limit may be allocated within the company limit.
Payment Channels:
  • Branches
  • ATMs
  • Call Centers
  • Internet
  • Auto Collection
  • EFT
  • Post Offices
Special Transactions:
  • ATM
    • Cash Advance
    • Information
    • Outstanding Transactions
  • Call Center/Internet Banking
    • Cardholder Transactions
      • Tracking
        • Statements
        • Checks reflected in current accounts
        • Outstanding checks
        • Limit
      • Repayment
      • Early check collection
    • Merchant Transactions
      • Tracking
        • Movements reflected to accounts
        • Outstanding receivables
        • Outstanding checks per client
      • Check Payment Deferral
      • Company Limit Updates
        • Limit Increase
        • Limit Reinstatement