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Instant Chip Card Issuing System

Instant Issuing at Branches...

Banksoft Instant Chip Card Issuing System is developed to allow branches to print cards quickly, securely and whenever required.


The system operates in accordance with the latest specifications by Visa and MasterCard, and it is up to international security standards. Enabling the branch to issue a card immediately, the system improves customer satisfaction and card usage rates as the customers may start using their cards as soon as they get them.


Banksoft Instant Chip Card Issuing System conforms to the global standards with its security infrastructure, online communication modules, functionality, speed of operation, malfunction management, multiple machine support, multiple card support and advanced software technology.


International Applications 

  • MasterCard M/Chip, MasterCard PayPass
  • Visa VSDC, Visa Prepaid, Visa payWave 
  • Compliance with global security standards
  • Generation of a separate security key for each session
  • Bank HQ management of card printing keys
  • Online communication between branch and HQ
  • The instant printing system allows printing of cards only on the day they are requested
  • Contact and contactless card printing
  • Debit card, prepaid card and credit card printing
  • Embossed and thermal printing
Machine and Card Support 
  • Support for various machine brands and models
  • Support for various card brands and models
  • Immediate, on-site batch printing of the same type of cards
  • The option to refer printing to the batch process at HQ
  • Advanced reporting
  • Central and parametric management of operational flow and clearances at branches
  • Central tracking of all inventory movements with the Card Inventory Tracking System
  • No operational workload or cost associated with packaging, shipping and password mailing
  • Comprehensive error management