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Internet Banking Management System

Perform banking transactions on the web securely and easily

Banksoft Internet Banking Management System allows users to manage their credit cards and other banking transactions on the web. The system is developed using the most advanced Microsoft technologies and is fully integrated with Banksoft credit card management system. The system can also be integrated to the core banking functions by using interfaces provided by core banking software.
The following security measures are available:
  • Single-use PIN via text messaging
  • Encryption of all confidential or sensitive information
  • Architecturally secure design
  • Parametric definition of transaction authorizations and limits
  • Highly detailed tracking and reporting  
Transactions Supported:
  • Account Transactions
    • Account information viewing
    • Transfer between accounts
    • Transfer to other account
    • EFT to other account 
  • Credit Card Transactions
    • Credit card information viewing
    • Statement viewing
    • Billing cycle transactions viewing
    • Credit card repayment
    • Cash advance to account 
  • Merchant Transactions
    • Merchant application
    • Merchant statement viewing 
  • Other Transactions
    • Invoice viewing and payment
    • Personal information input and changing
    • Security parameters set up (username and password changing)
    • Card application