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Credit Card Management System

Powerful and flexible infrastructure for complex needs

Banksoft Credit Card Management System has won the satisfaction of many financial institutions with wide range of functionalities and flexible insfrustructure. Banksoft has developed a complete, turnkey credit card management system, which operates perfectly with all the required components.

Banksoft Credit Card Management System carries the products, and latest technologies to the production environment in a flexible functional structure determined according to the requirements of the customers.

Basic Features 

  • Multi-product structure 
  • Various catalog point and award programs based on products and merchants
  • One limit to the cardholder's domestic and international usage
  • Multiple financial practices for various customer groups
  • EMV card infrastructure and various loyalty applications
  • Policy differences according to the risk groups
  • Extended customer information
  • Parametrically managed automatic limit increase
  • Parametrically managed renewal scenarious
  • Unlimited supplementary card opportunity
  • Unlimited virtual cards
  • Monitoring system for installments
  • Possibility to share installment and point applications
  • Restriction of cards to cash advance and manual transactions
  • Emergency scenarios
  • Easy access by branches to the system over internet
  • Only TL or TL / USD account statement depending on the choice of the customer
  • Customer or card based statement debt follow up
  • Automatic debt collection
  • Card and customer based follow up of activity status
  • Profitability analysis
  • Affinity programs
  • Accounting integrations with banking systems
  • Special card applications according to sector needs
  • 3DSecure E-Commerce integration
  • 3DSecure Issuing
  • Batch mail order and insurance premium systems
  • Banking system, CRM, workflow, datawarehouse integration
  • Ability to print cards instantaneously inside the branch or shop integrally with the card application system
  • Card systems serving to several institutions over the same network
  • Ability to integrate at different platforms through internet, phone banking, IVR channels