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Limit Evaluation System

No limits to the speed of evaluating limits!


Banksoft Limit Evaluation System (LES) systemizes limit-related requests fed by various channels under a single module, and finalizes all limit update requests by checking the requests against the credit policy of the bank.


Limit update requests filed by customers or generated by the automatic limit update resolutions of the bank are checked by automated processes, where requests compliant with credit policies are automatically confirmed and noncompliant requests can be automatically denied. In-depth analysis and decision screens are provided for gray area evaluation results. These screens allow checking evaluation results for requests, tracking permission/approval hierarchy, and concluding the request.


Banksoft LES is compliant with credit card limit allocation laws and is integrated with the Limit Control System (LCS) to provide LCS notifications for query and allocation processes. Within these notifications various strategies are followed for customers who are either in scope or out of scope.


Banksoft LES enables the consolidation of all management decisions related to limit in credit card management processes, and the tracking of all limit updates within a common system. 


Types of Updates As Tracked by the System 

  • Limit increases upon customer request
  • Automated limit increases
  • Limit reductions
  • Temporary limit increases
  • Additional card limit increases
  • Additional card limit reductions
  • Virtual card limit increases

Channels Feeding Limit Increase Requests 

  • Call Center
  • Internet Banking
  • IVR
  • SMS
  • Branch
  • ATM 

Parametric Structure

  • Dynamic flow differentiation based on type of update
  • Denial/approval code definitions
  • Central Bank control decisions
  • Credit Bureau control decisions
  • User/role definitions
  • Maker-Checker structure