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Online Utility Payment Interface

Speed and reliability in bill payments

The service provider institutions, mostly telecommunication providers, have established bill payment networks that allow banks to make online payments. Member banks can benefit from these networks with Online Payment Center (OPC) interface system. By utilizing OPC it is possible to perform online bill payment without requiring any use of legacy media.

The bill payment transactions are performed in compliance with the time and format standards notified by the institution. Banksoft OPC interface also sends the total amount and the number of transactions performed within the day to the institutions with a reconciliation message within the time period indicated by the institution.

Banksoft OPC has the analysis infrastructure that is required for eliminating any internal and external problem arising in the reconciliation. The procedures are in place for the users to easily monitor the daily transactions.
Banksoft OPC is currently used at various banks to successfully perform the bill collection of Turk Telekom, Turkcell, Vodafone, Avea and Bagkur. OPC safely and smoothly covers the transaction volume, which may increase up to 300.000 per day at a single bank. ompanies can make life easier for their customers by enabling financial institutions collect the payments on their behalf.

Basic Features

  • Capability to serve both the bank and the biller side
  • In addition to phone bill, cable TV bill, loading prepaid minutes, automated bill payment instruction, partial invoice payment and performing any type of transaction indicated by the provider institution.
  • Guarantee of delivering messages directly to the institutions
  • Automatic bill collection 
  • Healthy operation of the system under very intense conditions 
  • Ability to resubmit the bill collections at the end of the day if requested by the institution
  • Monitoring all transactions within OPC management screen
  • Branch and institution based reporting
  • Analysis and exception handling ability to eliminate the problems of any error or non-agreement
  • ISO 8583 standard Communication