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Switch Management System

Uninterrupted ISO-8583 Switching

Institutions and systems, which can communicate in accordance with ISO 8583 standards, can realize data communications by getting connected to each other via Banksoft Switch System if they can use any of TCP/IP, X25, SNA/LU0 protocols.

Banksoft ISO 8583 Switch System can operate with BKM, VISA, MASTERCARD and Diners protocols. Flow of transactions is performed in compliance with all safety rules required by these institutions.

The switch system can be integrated to the special ISO 8583 networks, in addition to standard institutions. Thus, banks can be integrated to brand sharing networks of various credit card programs (Advantage, World, Bonus, Maximum). It is possible to introduce a new system/institution by defining parameters, identifying prefixes and determining the transaction permissions of these prefixes.

Basic Features

  • Multi-institution support
  • High performance, scalability and continuity
  • Fast adaptation to VISA, MASTERCARD and BKM releases
  • EMV chip card acquiring and issuing support
  • VISA, CPS, CCD support
  • BKM F061 support
  • MasterCard BankNet support
  • VISA SMS acquiring support
  • Ability to work integrally with the clearing system in VISA SMS dispute processes
  • 3DSecure acquiring and issuing support
  • Definition of a parametrically new institution/system
  • Reconciliation of settled transactions
  • Institution communication protocols
  • Automatic creation by the system of relevant table structures of the new institution
  • Possibility to follow up the line activity of institutions
  • Sending sign on, sign off and key exchange messages to institutions
  • Online loss and missing notification to BKM, MasterCard and VISA
  • Reliable monitoring and automatic warning
  • Ensuring all data security using HSM
  • Parametric “working key” management
  • Parametric DES, 3DES, multiple ZPK support
  • Automatic table maintenance and archive integration
  • Possibility of institutions to operate on accumulated tables
  • Ability to monitor data flow and transaction online
  • Retrospective analyzing
  • Feature of communicating with private and standard institutions simultaneously
  • Fast integration to Loyalty Switches
  • Parametric stand-in integration; if the issuing institution does not have line or the institution replies in a delayed manner, ability to direct the transactions to the stand-in module