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Merchant Management System

With Banksoft, every merchant is a bank branch

Banksoft Merchant Management System (MMS) is designed to enable banks to establish any type of agreement with their merchants.

Using MMS, banks have the flexibility to offer special discount, installment and award programs. These programs can be easily managed with co-branded cards and private label cards.

The system enables users to create custom groups of merchants according to banks requirements, as well as international standards. Merchant and transaction information can be monitored in detail.

Basic Features

  • Parametric transaction set
  • Different commission depending on the different transaction types, different card applications and number of installments
  • Partial participation to award programs, campaign management
  • Early payment option to merchant
  • Multiple currency support
  • Merchant chain system 
  • Parametric commission and blockage follow up 
  • Special card applications 
  • Automatic debiting / crediting 
  • Automatic commission / tax / blockage
  • Merchant account statement
  • Multiple installment and loyalty applications
  • Dealership Card Application
  • POS and imprinter utilization
  • Voucher entry and follow up 
  • Merchant Application system 
  • Detailed merchants statistics
  • Category based merchant follow up
  • Merchant activity / risk analysis
  • Special cash register integration solutions for businesses