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Debit Card Management System

Fast, reliable and uninterrupted debit card solutions


Banksoft Debit Card Management System supports issuing Visa, MasterCard and private label debit cards that conform to international standards.


The system also supports issuing EMV debit cards with chips, and ensures fast, uninterrupted and reliable communication with all banking systems to enhance customer satisfaction.


The system conforms to international standards and allows the use of issued debit cards in all ATMs and POS terminals within and outside the issuing country.

Card Technologies Supported
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Private labels
  • Support for EMV chip debit cards
  • Wide range of monitoring and reporting options
  • End-to-end PIN security with HSM
  • Support for photo- and signed cards
  • Defining daily ATM withdrawal limits according to specific customers and cards
  • Defining daily transaction limits according to customer, card and source
  • Transaction restrictions according to customer, card and source
  • Associating multiple savings accounts that belong to the cardholder and others
  • Monitoring salary cards and associated parent companies
  • Batch card issuance
  • Batch PIN allocation
  • Integration of the Debit Card System with web-based branch applications
  • Integration with various banking systems (Windows, Unix, Mainframe)
  • CRM integration
  • IVR, Call Center, Internet Banking and branch systems integration
Advantages to Banks
Banksoft Debit Card Management System has the ability to establish fast, reliable and uninterrupted link with all banking systems. The system supports the latest technologies including the EMV chip debit card, providing the customer with maximum benefit and security.
Banksoft Debit Card Management System complies with the regulations imposed by banks, the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK) and PCI.