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Industrial Chip Card Applications

Clever system solutions with chip cards

With the features granted by chip card technology, particularly Banksoft card and terminal management systems are used in special applications in other sectors other than banking. it is possible to issue competitive and innovative card products that target spesific customer groups, by incorporating other sector applications with card payment system in single card.

Workflow automation is provided through established closed circuit industrial systems. Card and terminal solutions, which control such systems as laboratory, electronic scale, barrier, pay gate, communicate with the accounting system, and ensure control at every point. As these systems are integrated with the banking systems, the money flow has become automatic, and thus a controlled and easy life is realized in closed circuit systems like factory, stadium, public transportation, campus. When considered in terms of the cardholder, it has become easier to use single card in all transactions including banking transactions and other in the system transactions.

Basic Features

  • Closed circuit automation, payment and control systems by using terminal and chip card
  • Multi Application support
  • In international applications (MasterCard, M/Chip, MasterCard PayPass, Visa VSDC, payWave, VISA Prepaid, mifare, MSD)
  • Support of any type of special application (loyalty, public transportation,campus, stadium, factory automation application, product collection application, entry control application etc.) on the same card 
  • RSA and Triple DES certificate and key management 
  • Ability to work online and offline depending on system requirement  
  • Ability to work contact and contactless depending on system requirement