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Multi Institutional Card Management System

Centralized and cost-effective solution to credit card management from Banksoft 

Banksoft provides economic solutions for the member banks by establishing credit card and member business management process between the banks within its body and the  Multi-Institutional Card Management System.

MCMS ensures creation of a central management including all stages in credit card process. Thus, it providers a common package to the member banks that contains the same product range.

MCMS enables financial institutions to have PIN enabled EMV cards compliance with Visa and Mastercard standards. Besides, the system offers award programs and installments to the cardholders.

Multi-Institutional Card Management System provides the following advantages for its customers with its parametric structure and flexible solutions;

  • Decreasing infrastructure costs
  • Decreasing operational costs
  • Declining project timings with standard and modular structures
  • Allowing creation of a common and strong brand since it hosts installment and EMV infrastructure within its body
  • With inter-bank agreement infrastructure, allowing the banks to settle accounts through their mutual transactions
  • Co-branded MCMS cards perform as a credit cards on non-member terminals

Basic Features  

  • A common card brand using EMV infrastructure
  • Card and customer follow up on member bank basis
  • Profitability analysis on member bank basis
  • Inter-bank account settling infrastructure
  • Supply of POS terminals by the Management Center
  • Member business agreement follow up and entry by the Management Center
  • Card acceptance by all member bank terminals 
  • Reconcilement reports required for clearance between the member banks and management center
  • Integration with the member banks
  • Detailed reporting opportunities with wide criteria option on bank basis
  • Sharing of installment and award programs among member banks 
  • Standard credit card in other bank terminals