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Business Card Management System

Reasons to Choose Business Cards

Business cards are a convenient way to make representation, hospitality, accommodation and fuel expenses related to company expenditures out of a company limit, and may be issued to as many company personnel as required. 
Business cards prevent the need to issue allowances to personnel, and provide a secure way to make expenses by minimizing the amount of cash or checks to be carried by personnel on company expenditures. Cards also ensure a more efficient way of tracking and control for companies. Expenses made by company personnel may be tracked in real time via Alternative Distribution Channels (online branch, etc.) or presented in monthly reports. 
Expenses may be categorized under representation, hospitality, travel, accommodation, fuel and other headings to monitor how these are distributed. These functions ensure systematic tracking of all expenses. 
The following levels of itemization are available for monthly reports:
  • Expense-Based Distribution: Indicates the amount of expense per month on an expense group basis.
  • Individual Distribution: Indicates the expense made by each and every employee.
  • Limit Usage Report: Indicates the limit usage of employees.
Business Card Specifications 
Business cards are similar to credit card schemes. Here, the principal customer is a commercial customer. An umbrella limit is defined for the commercial customer. For the version where statement and risk monitoring is conducted on card level, “dummy” cards are issued for commercial customers. This card is generated automatically and with reference to company indicators when defining customers. Business card users are defined as real customers in the system. The cards held by these customers are issued as additional cards linked to the dummy card.