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Chip Card Applications

Intelligent Solutions with Chip Cards 

Banksoft card and terminal management systems have been supporting the chip card technology since 2001. The systems supported by Banksoft products have become more secure and reliable with EMV standards. Banksoft establishes the necessary infrastructure of Chip & PIN, which makes transactions more secure, in a short period.

Banksoft Chip Card System offers a complete solution that includes detailed chip parameter management, online EMV analysis, parametric authorization control functions, dynamic issuer script and offline PIN management, key and certificate management, pre-personalization solutions. Using the secure, dynamic and offline working features of the chip card, special loyalty applications are developed.

With the features granted by the chip card technology, Banksoft card and terminal management systems are also used in other sectors. Closed circuit systems and workflow automations may be presented as examples of these applications.

Basic Features  

  • ATM sharing with domestic and international banks
  • Card and terminal management systems supporting EMV standards
  • International application support (MasterCard MChip, PayPass; Visa VSDC, payWave , MSD, Visa Prepaid, mifare)
  • Special application support (Loyalty, factory automation application, production collection application, entry control application, public transportation application, stadium application, campus application etc.)
  • RSA and Triple-DES certificate and key management
  • SDA, DDA, CDA Support
  • Multi-Application support Ability to work online and offline depending on the system requirement
  • Advanced and parametric offline PIN management
  • Dynamic issuer script management system which operates integrally with banking channels
  • Closed circuit automation and control systems with the use of terminal and chip card