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Pre-Personalization System

Fast and easy transition to chip cards

Banksoft Pre-Personalization System (BPS) prepares the security information required for physical personalization process of smart cards and performs key and certificate management. BPS supports the generation of security information of EMV applications, loyalty applications and special applications. Secure data for multi-application smart cards are also generated with BPS.
BPS facilitates the management of the personalization preparation with its easy to use screens, parametric infrastructure, detailed logging feature and advanced reports.
BPS has a flexible, which could serve to multiple card products, various personalization machines and personalization bureau.
Application Support 
  • MasterCard M/Chip 2.1, M/Chip 4.0, PayPass
  • Visa VSDC 4.0, Prepaid, payWave
  • Personalization in accordance with the most recent Visa and MasterCard specifications
  • EMV Global Platform and native cards
 Other Applications 
  • Custom MIFARE applications (e-pass, campus cards, public transport, etc.)
  • Loyalty schemes
  • Contact and contactless card printing
  • Debit card, prepaid card and credit card printing
  • High-performance card personalization
  • Parametric infrastructure
  • Detailed reporting module
  • Advanced logging module 
  • Full compliance with international card organization standards 
  • Advanced card printing key management via HSM security hardware
  • Special key management depending on the personalization location 
  • Encryption of the whole file or the included secret information option
Machine and Card Support 
  • Support for various printing machines
  • Support for various card brands and models