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Brand Sharing Clearing and Settlement System

Optimized solution for brand sharing clearing and settlement needs

Banksoft Brand Sharing Clearing and Settlement System (BSCSS) is a software application that provides daily clearing and settlement processing between BKM (Turkish domestic clearing house) and its brand sharing members. System provides all the data and the reports required by BKM, member banks, and the Central Bank of Turkey.
The system currently supports “World” and “Maximum” brand formats, but may be adapted to include more brands due to its parametric structure.
The format of the BSCSS is very much similar to the current Domestic Clearing and Settlement System (DCSS), but has additional fields (such as loyalty point and installment data ) that are specific to brand sharing.
System Features 
  • Parametric structure (Brand, Member Bank, BIN, Fault Codes, Validation Checks, Transaction Parameters, Commission and Card Type)
  • Automated operation and reporting
  • Parametric commission calculation and billing
  • Reporting by standards established for the BKM and the specific brand