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International Clearing and Settlement System

Flexible clearing and settlement solutions for international financial transactions

ICSS is a software module developed for clearing houses, which provides member banks and institutions to acquire, clear and settle financial transactions for international card schemes. Currently, this software is being used by BKM to process international American Express transactions.
System handles all clearing and settlement functions, including incoming file processes, file/recod validation, fee/comission calculation, consolidation for card scheme and members, outgoing file processes.
Parametric Architecture  
  • Introducing new clearing institutions
  • Introducing new members
Flexible and Parametric Fee Structure 
  • Support for different fee types (clearing fees and/or switching fees)
  • Support for constant and/or stepped fee structure
  • Support for different fees based on transaction type
  • Support for transaction volumes
Detail and Summary Reports 
  • Detail & Summary transaction reports
  • Deatil & Summary fee reports